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Restoring a Sandy Basin with Articulating Concrete Block

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Flood control is of great concern for many communities. In Contra Costa County, articulating concrete blocks were integral in the large Upper Sand Creek Basin Restoration Project. The basin works in conjunction with other facilities in the watershed to temporarily hold floodwaters waters from an extreme rainstorm and release them …

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Homeowners Get Cooking with Outdoor Kitchens 

Outdoor Cooking — Simple, yet Stylish Outdoor cooking areas have been one of the hottest trends in residential landscape design, thanks in no small part to the versatility of segmental retaining wall systems (SRWs). They can range from a modest firepit to a full-blown outdoor kitchen that will rival the most …

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Why Hire an SRW Certified Contractor?

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  Certified installers who specialize in SRW installation are the best to install your segmental retaining wall. These specialized contractors can complete a high-quality job efficiently and safely because they have the right equipment, materials, skills and knowledge for the project. NCMA recommends always using NCMA Certified SRW Installers (or …

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Versatility is The Point in Highway Construction

highway, construction, CRW

  SRW and The Point A UDOT Widening Project Using Segmental Retaining Walls…. “Keeping traffic moving on this critical economic lifeline running through the heart of our state was a huge undertaking, and our crews stepped up to the challenge,” Utah’s Department of Transportation (UDOT) Project Director Tim Rose said. …

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Creating a Level Playing Field with SRWs

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High School Athletic Complex Project Recognized for Segmental Retaining Wall – Commercial The school turned to Pete Brown, vice president of Kissick Construction of Kansas City, to be the design/build general contractor for the project. Brown definitely had a rooting interest in the project, as his daughters attended the school. …

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A Wall Worthy of Attention

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Ultimate Backyard Wins HNA Hardscape Award for Segmental Retaining Wall – Residential When a family owns the house of their dreams, but it doesn’t come with the yard to match, it’s time to make some changes. The Yarbrough family from Leipers Fork, Tennessee turned to Kyle Peek, founder of Peek …

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Creating a Tranquil Outdoor Living Space with SRWs

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Two-Wall System Tames a Steep Slope Natural views to the back were inviting, but space was at a premium. The solution was to create a series of terraces and travertine patios supported by segmental retaining walls with architectural finishes that emulate stone. Large sandstone boulders are scattered about as accents. …

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Retaining Walls Provide Beauty and Stability

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[tie_slide} Grade changes at the stadium and practice fields required installation of several retaining walls, but bids were coming in higher than expected on the initial design. When the University approved a change to a more cost-effective concrete masonry patterned wall, the segmental retaining wall system provided a time-saving advantage as …

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SRWs allow development on unusable land

It was all about location, location, location. The latter, however, was quite hard to find in the area, as usable land was scarce. The people at Developers MDT Development and Developer’s Diversified Realty One recognized the potential of an available property, but they also realized it required some work before …

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Concrete Masonry Provides Solution for Sound Wall

          This nearly two-mile-long sound barrier is constructed of concrete masonry units (CMU), something that Jim Reynolds, the general manager and safety director of out of Marysville, Washington, hasn’t seen constructed for at least 20 years on the west side of the Cascades. Not only do …

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