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Exposed Masonry Brings a New Look and a Fresh Perspective

In June, the Concrete Masonry Association of California and Nevada (CMACN) and the American Institute of Architects, California Council (AIACC) announced their 2017 Concrete Masonry Design Awards. NCMA will be honoring these winners in a continuing series. This week’s honoree is Eagle Valley Middle School.

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Carson City School District requested a programmatic and aesthetic upgrade to the existing Eagle Middle School originally constructed in 1982. The program includes a new Gymnasium, administrative offices, classroom upgrades, and a new kitchen. Upon review of the function and arrangement of the existing school, the Architect provided a solution that redefines and optimizes the key elements of the plan to better identify the main entrance, improve circulation, security, and overall building image. By moving the entrance from the south side of the building to the west, the new design provides a new “front door” as the main approach to the building. Redefining the entire front elevation called for an impressive combination of materials that would help to display a contemporary image.

In choosing materials to support the bold forms of the new structure, the challenge was to enhance the existing aged and dated aesthetic of slump stone block and a dark brown metal roof. In lieu of replicating the adobe brick, the architect implemented multiple shades of tan concrete masonry units arranged in a random staggered pattern. This solution offers a much-needed improvement yet compliments the original block and also provides a maintenance free material with the durability required in educational spaces such as the gymnasium. The integral colored patterned masonry adds both structural and architectural merits to the project and compliments the new bright white metal panels and aluminum glass storefront. Exposed masonry is seen in both the main entry gallery and the gymnasium as an interior design solution. The result is a strikingly fresh new image that projects a positive signature for the new entrance and an uplifting image for athletics and school pride.


Eagle Creek Middle School Expansion

Block Producer: Basalite Concrete Products, LLC, Sparks, NV

Masonry Contractor: Peterson Masonry, Inc., Sparks, NV



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