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Why Hire an SRW Certified Contractor?


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Certified installers who specialize in SRW installation are the best to install your segmental retaining wall. These specialized contractors can complete a high-quality job efficiently and safely because they have the right equipment, materials, skills and knowledge for the project. NCMA recommends always using NCMA Certified SRW Installers (or equivalent) as they possess the knowledge and installation experience for a successful outcome. A list of certified installers in your area can be found in our directories at: www.ncma.org/SRWIdirectory.

What should I look for in an SRW Installer?

The NCMA brochure “Selecting the Correct Installer for Segmental Retaining Walls” reviews some of the common questions and procedures that NCMA recommends following to ensure your project will be properly installed.  There is also an easy-to-use comparison checklist to use when bidding out a project.

A homeowner must start with evaluating what is best for his or her home and their lifestyle?  Also, what is the purpose of the retaining wall?  Will it be in your backyard, driveway, patio, or pool?

Regardless, selecting segmental retaining wall units are a great choice!

They are:

  • structurally stable
  • aesthetically pleasing
  • low maintenance
  • highly flexible
  • durable

In addition, SRW units are available in a variety of colors and textures to complement the style of any home and its surroundings!

To get the most from your segmental retaining wall project, consider the following before you start.

What applications can SRW systems be used in at my home?

Will it be a structural application?

What do you need to know in order to select the right contractor/designer for your project?

Why is NCMA Certification important?

What questions should you ask a contractor?

In order to ensure a quality installation, you should ask the contractor the following questions:

  • Is the contractor a reputable, licensed, certified SRW installer?
  • How long has the contractor been installing segmental retaining walls?
  • What percentage of the contractor’s total business consists of installing segmental retaining walls?
  • Will the contractor provide you with three references from past jobs? Can you contact their references and inspect the jobs?
  • Does the contractor have a portfolio of photos and recommendation letters?
  • Is the contractor familiar with NCMA specifications and local ordinances? Can the contractor supply a copy to you?
  • Will the contractor provide a written, itemized proposal outlining the scope of work and terms of payment?• Will the contractor guarantee their work and will they return to inspect it?
  • Is the contractor a member of NCMA or another association?

The contractor comparison checklist provided in the following section is designed to aid you in the contractor selection process. To get more information about how to select the best installer for your project, and to print this form, click here.

To learn more about residential segmental retaining wall applications, review NCMA’s SRW Residential Applications guide.


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